Don't Cheat Me

Terry Evans, the real deal Blues vocalist, cross examines who's going down the wrong way, on a two way street.

Don't cheat, cheat me baby
Don't cheat, cheat me girl

Don't cheat me....you'll only cheat yourself
Don't cheat me.....you'll only cheat yourself
I've been down that road....of poverty and wealth
So don't cheat me.... you'll only cheat yourself

You're lyin'....you got someone else
Got me cryin' baby.... I can't help myself
My head tells me to leave you
But my heart begs me to stay
You're cheating me baby and you'll be the one to pay

I'm all alone at night, let me come back in
Don't make me suffer girl, I wan't your love again
I've got pain and trouble.....heartaches I don't need
So do right little girl, stop your cheating me

Don't cheat me baby
Don't cheat me girl

Vocal:    Terry Evans
Guitar:   Denny Freeman
Piano:    Ross Billard
Bass:     James Hewett
Drums:  Phil Bloch

Written by James Hewett, Leon Rubenhold, Joe Sublett

Recorded at Rotund Rascal Studio North Hollywood Ca., Dave Pearlman engineer and at R&B Studio Halifax N.S., Ross Billard, engineer.

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