Seymour Hotel

One lonely shot in the night......

Jet of blood in a cheap hotel
A lonely shot I know all too well
No cooking allowed....an iron bed
And a tired old pillow where I lay my head

He greets each day with a wish and a smoke
And settles down with some boy heavy dope
Tricky ride on a brutal wire
A bottle of bleach to put out the fire

I hear hope running                                         

Down the hall with my name
The neon's flashing
Broken romance......lack of fame

Vocals:         James Hewett
Guitar:         Jim Rice
Saxophone:  Joe Sublett
Keyboards:  Ross Billard
Bass:            James Hewett
Drums:         Ric Parnell
Songwriter:  James Hewett

Recorded at Rotund Rascal Studio, North Hollywood Ca., Dave Pearlman engineer
                     R&B Studio, Halifax N.S. Ross Billard engineer

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