Future's Coming

artwork by Minaz Jantz
www.artgirlgallery.com artwork by Minaz Jantz

Time bears down on us all.

Lock your doors the future's coming
And it's not holding back
If you ain't ready, go get ready
Future won't cut you no slack

Pawn your feelings, they're not needed
Big machine gonna check you out
The tears didn't see it coming
Coming was never in doubt

Future's Coming......Future's Coming

No peace for the African Brother

artwork by Minaz Jantz
www.artgirlgallery.com artwork by Minaz Jantz

Future's Coming.....Future's Coming

Open your doors the futures's coming
There'll be no going back
Look yourself in the eye when you're ready
Because the future is under attack

The Future's Coming......Future's Coming
No turning back.....Future's Coming
I hope you're ready

Vocals:       Owen O'Sound Lee
Guitars:      Jim Rice
Trumpet:     Mike Cowie
Keyboards: Ross Billard
Bass:           James Hewett
Drums:        Tubs MacAvoy
Songwriter:  James Hewett

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Unknown said...

Very cool track Jim.