Deep And Sad No More

The generational chain of conflict can only begin to be broken by each person's acceptance of their role.

Deep and sad…..oh, the river runs

Through my life it flows, from my father to my son
Judgment night is calling, calling out to me
Ah the light is failing, make it hard to see
What it all comes down to
And where we need to be

My baby told me there’s no shame in here today
We stand in front of falsehoods ……trying to find our way

Oh the sadness deepens, spreading everywhere
Driven by a million wounds of despair

The weight of devotion, weighs heavy on my soul
But that weight will fall away…..
Deep And Sad No More

Vocals: Terry Hatty , Irene Robichaud
Guitars: Jim Rice, James Hewett, Ross Billard
Bass:  James Hewett
Keyboards: Ross Billard
Drums:  Howard Greene

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