Lullabye for Donna Lee song

Lullabye for Donna Lee music by James Hewett
artwork by Minaz Jantz    www.artgirlgallery.com
'Lullabye for Donna Lee', written and recorded by James Hewett. Relax to a smooth and timeless guitar instrumental.

On a cold and rainy December night in Vancouver B.C., I made my way past the Yellow Cab garage on the industrial east side to Aero Studio.  Owner and raconteur, Oliver Conway, had left me the keys.  Put on the space heater, blow on the hands, get out the Guild F30 and begin the process.

artwork by Minaz Jantz
artwork by Minaz Jantz   www.artgirlgallery.com
Without a click, laid it down from beginning to end.  Added a couple tracks with my Strat, then decided to make a phone call to Robbie King, upstairs at the Yale.  It was past midnight now, 2 a.m. on a Monday morning, but he was a night bird and ready to create.  Showed up in a cab with his keyboard, and after listening one time, laid down what you hear today.  He was a beautiful cat and great player, who saw past notes and changes into the sweet realm of music as shades of color.

I didn't have my bass with me, but there was one of those early 80's Tokai P basses hanging on the wall.  It had dreadful action....about an inch off the fret board, but it sounded and tracked great....woof da boom woof.

Had to go back on the road, and didn't get around to adding a drum track till almost a year later at Crosstown Studio in North Van.  Adam Drake, who I was working with in Joe Mavety's band, came by and did a great job.

The 2 inch masters were put away until recently.  Asked Jim Rice to slide on over to R&B Studio in Halifax, and do the lead track again.  He brought his 1962 Fender Strat for that gorgeous 'tone for days' sound they have.  He's also got a nice pair of skilled hands.

Thanks to the artist Minaz, who was there to draw and bare witness, when the original tracks were laid down.

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