Understand You song

A love song written by James Hewett, sung by Dave Carroll, with Dave Pearlman on steel guitar, that deals with understanding one's love for another.

Is my spirit crazy
Burnt out ..and crazy
Trying …..to
Understand you

You’d think by now
I would know…..exactly how                                           
To  figure out us two
The beautiful…..and the blue sky’s fading

Please sit right there
And share your eyes with me
I’d work so hard…..to shed myself of this anxiety
That slowly tears
Everything in me that cares
And though it lingers in my bones….
I will do my best to shield you from it

People ask me how
It’s simple now…..just take that vow
I would end my life….
Long before, I would ever hurt you

Is my spirit crazy
Burnt out and crazy
I'm still trying to...
To understand you……
I got to understand

Musicians Vocal; Dave Carroll  Pedal Steel; Dave Pearlman  Guitars; James Hewett, Ross Billard, Keyboards; Ross Billard  Bass; James Hewett  Drums; Tubs MacAvoy
Background Vocals; James Hewett

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Unknown said...

Heartfelt and soulful,well done gentlemen.......the world could always use any song with these elements.....l.c.smith Gibsons B.C