Hugging The Ampeg

Hugging the Ampeg

James Hewett and Dave Pearlman commence with the time honored ritual of Hugging The Ampeg before the session begins.  Now get ready to pulse and throb.

Working with Dave at Rotund Rascal in North Hollywood in the mid 90's, we started each day with a hearty breakfast of lard soaked bacon bits on muesli, dried apricots, and dark roasted Monrovian Mountain coffee.  We knew it was essential to begin these musical endeavors, with the three necessary steps to ensure a rockin' time and an ass kickin' product; good food, rocket fuel coffee, and most importantly, the Hugging Of The Ampeg.

Classic Fridge

The Fridge, has been around for awhile, destroying young men's hearing, and ruining their backs with equal aplomb. Always a good idea to stay friends with the drummer, especially late at night for the load out.

Every bass player love's to move air.  With the Ampeg and eight 10's, you can move all kinds of interesting air; soft air.....kind air.....perplexed air (hey, I was hanging out in the air con, minding my own business).....beefy air from the abattoir.....and the always debonair, Belvedere Bb air (the King of Airs).  Best of all, it's a beautiful melodius tone, with whiffs of  low flying B52's, sucking the mescalero out of sleeping cacti, and scaring the milk out of once contented cows.  

Pigs Ampeg

From Flip Tops, to B25 B's, to V4 B's, to SVT's, Ampeg nailed the tone and vibe of studio magic, and the industrial strength needed for the road gig that never ends.  Ah, the nostalgic herniated disc brings a tear to my eye.....What time's downbeat?

SVT and P Bass

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