Wings Of The Spirit song

Wings of the Spirit song

As the day fades and the night draws near, the distant sound of approaching wings, announces the coming of the Spirit.  Sung by Ian Janes.

I knew the words of the title as spoken by Joe Sublett, deserved it's own story.

Wings of the Spirit
Silent as a prayer
Take me.....where I need to go
That's where my life's laid out
Right in front of me
And the simple truth, I will surely know

Don't be afraid to stand alone
When the night.....grows too long
Journeys begin and some they never end
So keep your.....keep your courage strong

I'll be climbing.....Ruby Tower
When the world, finally awakes
I'll be calling you to come here
Right here by my side
When the Wings of the Spirit
Take us for that ride

Musicians:   Vocal  Ian Janes.  Guitars  Ian Janes Ross Billard James Hewett,   Keyboards  Ross Billard   Drums  Tubs MacAvoy  Bass  James Hewett  Recorded by Ross Billard in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Songwriters  James Hewett and Joe Sublett


Artist Minaz Jantz said...

Fab presentation with the words and descriptive images to lead us to the gemstone, your music. AWESOME!

Lori said...

I love the keyboards. Take me on a journey.