Stand Up Human song

Stand Up Human

You can't return fire in the spiritual and physical realm, when you're on your knees.

Stand Up
Stand Up Human

On the road here tonight
I stopped at a light
And waited until the sign said
Boy don't you....don't you be afraid

Cause you get what you get
But don't ever forget
What brought you down
Down all the way to your knees

And if it's any, any consolation
It happens all the time
Those everyday revelations

Stardust people

We can be enchanted bits of stardust
Floating everywhere
I said floating everywhere
Yeah, but you've got to care

Stand Up Human

Too many tears, but let's be clear
That's not how I'm going to lead my life
Change the world change yourself
Burn your broom
Dust my faith of that forgotten shelf

Stand Up
Guy's solo

Dedication to medication
Abdication of self control
Stand Up

The evil empire is upon us
Say no no no no
Stand Up

The River Jordan is so polluted
You'll never wash your soul clean
Stand Up
bomb em

Bomb 'em till they friendly
Burn 'em till they obey
Soldier....Stand Down

You'll never get the gravy
When all you is, is lazy
Stand Up....Stand Up
Stand Up Human

Musicians:   Vocals  Terry Hatty  show biz pipes  Guitars  Guy Hedrick working the Guytron prototype  Keyboards Bill King and Ross Billard  Drums  Ron McChesney 
 Bass  James Hewett  Songwriter  James Hewett   Recorded at White Room Studio Detroit Mi. Al Sutton Engineer and in Halifax Nova Scotia Ross Billard Engineer

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