Free song

Free song written by James Hewett

The mind numbing first step to find balance in a world, where there is none.

I believe in the fundamental rights of every man, woman and child
On this planet to be free
Free to grow in a natural state of grace
Free to grow in the human swamp of indifference
And free to rot and mold at the end of the long decaying day

Free to commit brave acts of beauty and celestial courage
To help each other climb one more step on the path of moral redemption....
Apprehension, decimation
Free to smash the face of the oppressor and their agents of hate....
And there are agents of hate everywhere

I know no hope

Free to rob the one who could be the one to help you
To cheat your loved ones of the chance to get on down the road
And find their way in this whole sorry mess
Free to kill anyone that looks at you the wrong way right way
Any time the maggot in your brain finds offense.....Maggot

razor wireFree to go down the path of so many fools before
To find salvation revelation in the taste of blood on a concrete floor
Free to spit on the sidewalk, spit in the eye of the one
Beating you with a night stick on the day you learn that
Spit will be your only lubricant

Free to love the virus in the open wound of what is now your body
Play all day with your inner self, your half baked shelf life self
Your drugged out crazy indulgent self
To listen to the voices in your head
To listen to the voice of reason
That threatens the treason of the well ordered mind

Free to believe that all men are created equal
Free to be equally abused used and ignored after election day
Free to go directly to jail....and there....you're
xxx red handFree to die a long lonely and painful death

You're free to do something, to do nothing, to do anything
Tear yourself away from the X box, the Z box
The Zit box of a face.....why box when you can steal a gun
For your do nothing life
Move away from the computer, conputer, cumputer...

Free to text yourself you might actually do something, create something
That doesn't have to do with your mindlessly repetitive selfish needs
Free to be a volunteer,
You're free to be a slave
You're free to commit acts of bravery
To voluntarily commit yourself to slavery

You're free to be free
You're free to be free
You're free to be free

Musicians:  Vocal  James Hewett  Guitars  Jim Rice, Ross Billard Joel Zemel
                  Keyboards  Ross Billard  Drums  Tubs MacAvoy  Bass  James Hewett
                  Recorded in Halifax Nova Scotia, Ross Billard engineer
                  Songwriter, Words and Music  James Hewett

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