Crashing Down On Me song

Crashing Down On Me

A song about no easy path in life. Those changes that don't care when you want to change.

In my pocket's there's some change
And a change is what I need
It's been coming for some time
Crashing Down on Me

I went down to the water
And the waves called out to me

Lay yourself down my child

And we'll go....Crashing Down on Me

Crashing Down on Me

Walking through a forest
Talking with an old oak tree
He said Son, there ain't no easy path in life
And you'll learn, what's Crashing Down on Me

She had a name that sang like honey
Sweetest lips I've ever seen
She lived inside a dream world
And we both...came...Crashing Down on Me
And we both...came...Crashing Down on Me

Musicians: Vocals: Dave Carroll...smooth and insightful vocalist  Guitars Ross Billard James Hewett  Keyboards Ross Billard  Snare Shuffle, Ross Billard  Bass, James Hewett  Recorded in Halifax Nova Scotia Ross Billard engineer Songwriter, words and music  James Hewett

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Lori said...

I really love the soulful sound of this song. Nice to hear Dave Carroll sing something other than the United Broke my guitar song! I'll be downloading this for my collection.