All The Good's Done Gone song

All The Good's Done Gone  song

Suicide....goodbye my friend.

Slide on down.....to the warmth of your bed

Slowly gather all the pillows......'round your head
You won't have to hide......anymore
No one today will be knockin'.....at your door

Feeling the weight of future silence in her hand, she lay back slowly into the warmth of despair.

Some people, well they gave you no respect
Tore down your house of dreams
Then had the nerve to say
You ain't hurtin' yet

What you forgot to remember
Is what you have to forget
Nothing here lives on....
When all the good good good's done and gone

Short term teflon memory to survive today's world....when there's no more breath, there's no more good.

Oooohh! Sister.....please put your pistol down
You must know, that will be the final sound
You will hear
And all the hardships will disappear
The sunrise brings no fear....
As soon as all the good good good's done gone
All the good's done gone

The pain that will live till you are gone..... to find a sleeping sister, who will wake no more, except in song.

Musicians:   Vocals  Jen Miller.....what a beautiful unique voice to bear witness.  Guitars  James Hewett, Jim Rice, Ross Billard  Keyboards  Ross Billard.  Snare Souffle  Ross Billard   Bass  James Hewett   Recorded by Ross Billard in Halifax Nova Scotia. Songwriter, Words and Music  James Hewett

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Unknown said...

in a world of big bland beats and tired love and money lyrics,it does a person's soul good to know there are songwriters like J.H keeping the lamp aglow in the darkened room......l.c.smith