Why Write Songs

oh my painful life

Why write songs.  I asked that at a songwriting workshop at some low slung nondescript building in West Hollywood in the 80's.  The guy speaking, responded with, "Maybe it's your job.....maybe you have to do it or go crazy".

 I had the crazy part covered; that get up at 3 in the morning buzz in your head kind of delirious to work on some chord changes or word jumbles that somehow made sense to only me as the wharf rats were busy at work, chewing on tasty insulation on the wires in the attic of my apartment on Race Street in New Orleans.  The docks never slept.  There was always the something to move in or out, as the chemical corridor brought in a never ending flow of cancer causing agents in the water you drank.  After a day sweating in the bottom of a clean up of some filthy barge, the cheap Dixie or Falstaff buzz couldn't hide that delicious metal and benzene taste of the plethora of heavy industry and petro-chemical plants easing on down to your kidneys.

So why write songs?  Hell, why learn how to fight.  Everyone second one's got a gun, what chance would you have against a cheap slug ripping your gut's out.  And yet training, in some sort of blow by blow encounter keeps you sharp, in shape, and ready to go....three foot rule, get inside that and tear 'em up.

No matter, got to keep those remaining pieces of humanity, that care to care, care to communicate those vibrating communications, of song and dance, of hope and chance.  If there's no hope, there's very little reason to hang.  The once well ordered mind, can start to crumble under such constant despair, and eventually forget how to, and not even want to care.

put that dog in the cage

And then, it's not long till the call goes out....Get out that cage, and put that dog in it.  And you can leave bent and bound, or beaten and dragged, or laid out on the scrubbed down and shiny wheeled meat sled....it's all the same to the keepers of the iron hotel.....guests always welcome to stay longer than booked....don't worry Son, we'll make room.

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