St. Patrick's Day Music

It's St. Patrick's Day, and the parade would soon be kicking off in the Irish Channel in New Orleans.  In the distance it's boom chaka boom and the booze is already oozing out through the cracks.  Put down the Guild F30 and hit it....

There’s a full moon rising
And an empty bottle of wine
I’m going crazy….And I’m doing just fine
I can finally see some distance
The smoke’s clearing away
From the time we first met
On St. Patrick’s Day

On every street I hear laughter
And people having fun
I’m having my own party
At this dead end gathering for one
And I hope that you understand
And lead the mourners to pray
For the time baby that we first met
On St. Patrick’s
Yes I know that I’m a sinner
 On this saint’s kissed day
 Take my heart I don’t need it
 Who needs a heart to pray

I was living on Amelia Street, a few streets uptown and over from Louisiana Av......time to stroll over with the beautiful Ms. Kelley. Not much money coming in those days....no fat on the bones and skipping meals was sidewalk hopscotch.  The woman says, 'let's go get us a cabbage', one of many prizes tossed from a low rent float (no Mardi Gras bling here) and we had enough for a ham hock with some meat on it.

So we get our cabbage, a few carrots, a spud or two.  Stewed those bad boys up and yummers.....food that lasted for days.

Guild F30
Guild F30

Lead Vocal: Terry Hatty  Oboe: Cheryl Foster  Guitars:  Leon Rubenhold, James Hewett  Drums:  Howard Greene  Keyboards:  Jim Ehinger   Bass Guitar:  James Hewett   Background Vocals:  Paul Marshall, Dave Pearlman, James Hewett  Recording Engineer:  Dave Pearlman  Recording Studio:  Rotund Rascal  Remixed:  R&B Studio:  Ross Billard, engineer


Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmy,
I've only heard this song with your Vocals. - its great! I still love the Oboe sound - its so unique. cheers. thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Sweet,this tune always reminds me of Pepper era Lads for some reason,might be the drums,anyway great mix and new vocals sound spot on,but then again so was yours......F30 sends love from the west coast.well done Hew.........Reggie