High Water song

High Water Song

This was a tough one to write.  With Brother Joe Sublett riding shotgun, we rode the wave of our collective memory and the misfortune that was Hurricane Katrina over New Orleans.

  You got to stand to survive, so stand up for yourself.  And if you're cold cocked from behind with a two by four, take it, get up off the pavement and deal with it.  No one's coming to help.

In the dark I hear retribution
It's telling me I'm done
The sky is bearing down Oh Lord
I'm a'wishing for the Sun

Now Miss Ida's gotten frail
She's way too old to run
Grab the cashbox and hide it babe
I'll be loading up the gun....It's High Water

high water hands

I loved Miss Ida's red beans....creamy and dreamy, and her greens, were some tasty.  

I feel my heart pounding
How much longer have we got
Till the water hits the front porch 
And punches out all the knots

 I hear a chopper cruising by
Echoing our fear
Put some blood on the bed sheet baby
They got to know we're dying down here

They must see us....I swear, they must.

High water has washed me
Washed me all the way
From Magnolia to Deep Ellum
And I'm still waiting to this day

Project party

Party in the projects....one red light bulb, one blue light bulb.  Bootsy and P-Funk on the box, heavy grinding with Flo' May.  And now, what's that....Elm Street....Dallas....that ain't home.

The projects are all gone now
But the roaches live there still
Searching for disciples
Like wise men on the hill

In dreams I still remember 
Those honeysuckle nights
We proudly walked those  Uptown streets
Every step was full of life....till High Water

Uptown ride

Wild Tchoupitoulas, 13th Ward, Uptown Rulers.  The Valence St Posse rides tonight.

High Water has washed me
Washed me all the way
Taken me so far, so far away
From Magnolia to Deep Ellum
And I'm still waiting.... to this day....to go home

Musicians:  Sat down with Ross Billard in the studio, worked up a basic chart, and while he played piano, sang the song.  One pass.... no changes, not a note.  Then Owen Lee came in, and quickly laid down the vocal.  He captures the landscape of past and present memory in all it's beauty and sadness.  Very proud of his work.  Very proud of this song.  Thanks Joe, Thanks Ross.  Thanks Owen. Thank You N'Awlins for letting me breathe the funk.  Songwriters  James Hewett  Joe Sublett  Ross Billard

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