Dreamland Motel song

Dreamland Motel Song

What happens the night before that decides the fate of Timothy McVeigh, and the lives of so many others'.  Let's investigate through music with co-writer, saxophonist Joe Sublett from L.A.

Last night at the Dreamland Motel
It's the last chance to change your mind

In the heat of life, cold lonely corner
Can't hear the heart, case hardened loner
Walking the floor till dawn and wondering what to do.

We both wanted to mark that point in time, when you have a choice about what the actions of tomorrow will be, and you make the conscious decision to move forward, knowing that when that decision is made, the clock has begun to tick like a bag of water soaked cement around your ankle, dragging you inexorably, to the bottom of the end of life.

There's a cosmic truth when you start to kill
You've arrived at this dead end thrill
All these orders so easy to obey

You've been in the military....you've the learned the weapons and lessons of war.  You've seen the bodies torn apart, pieces scattered over the charred landscape.  And now back home, you're going to leave your mark.....you're going to make that decision that mirrors all you've seen and done before.

In the mirror stands a man
Born to chaos, the dagger in his hand
              Think's he's been chosen.....Chosen to die

Like Macbeth's 'Is this a dagger which I see before me', the man in the hotel room, sees the reflection of a man readying himself to dive headlong into the cosmic truth of never ending chaos.

      He'll never know a woman's love
       Or feel the grace of the power above
       He cut a deal and the deal will burn your soul

Indeed it will.  

The musicians.  Terry Hatty, the singer.  What a voice, perfect for the grand stage drama.  Jim Rice, the lonesome guitar strangler on the Les Paul and Strat.  Ross Billard sets the moody mood on keyboards.  Audra Raylns, big voice that's always note perfect.  Don Chapman on powerhouse drums and excellent loop provider.  James Hewett on Bass, pulse and throb.  Ross Billard engineer and master mixer, recorded in Halifax Nova Scotia.  Songwriters  James Hewett and Joe Sublett

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